Most schools operate a paper based safeguarding system for reporting child protection issues and safeguarding concerns. This is often referred to as the 'daybook' or 'CP files'. SafeGuard allows you to manage this in a much more effective way. Staff have the ability to raise their concerns electronically (including drawing body maps) at the time. This gives much more accurate information and details of concerns are more factual when logged at the time of the concern. We are continually looking to add new features and to help this we created a 'Make a Wish' section to allow our users to request new features and keep up to date with the progress of them.


A full chronology of events are stored against any concerns raised allowing you to easily see notes from meetings, interventions and behaviour reports.


Creating reports is easy and within a few clicks you are able to see all concerns raised on a specific child. You can easily export or print the report for external agencies or meetings.

Access Anywhere

Our secure hosted option allows you to access the system from any device, anywhere where you have an internet connection. This also allows staff to raise concerns anywhere.


The staff that need to know about any concerns that have been raised get alerts as they happen - Great for time-sensitive concerns.

Document Storage

SafeGuard can store any sensitive documents or images which are then built in to the chronology of events.


Information held on a child can be transferred in the event a child leaves and joins another school.

Review Dates

You can set reminders to prompt viewing of CP files, allowing you to keep track of referrals and action plans.


You can tag children in specific areas such as Child in Need, Young Carer and CP Plans.


Multi-Academy Trusts, Local Authorities and Governors can have real time access to reports to a single school or across a group of schools.

About SafeGuard

Our staff are based in the education sector, so understand the frustrations of having to manage safeguarding concerns. This allowed us to create a system making it easy for staff to raise the concerns, collecting vital information quickly without delays. We are continually developing new features and have a 'Make a Wish' section allowing our users to request new features.

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